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Discussion of UK telephone network abuses and scams, which are much increasing
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DVLA raking in £millions

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PostPosted: Sat Jun 23, 2007 8:10 pm    Post subject: DVLA raking in £millions  Reply with quote

A news item earlier this week highlighted the huge amount which the DVLA makes from the abuse on 0870 numbers at present. No doubt the DVLA will soon change to 0871 numbers and rake in even more from the unaware public. (They have revealed their underlying GN numbers to some enquirers under The Freedom of Information Act, but under pain of prosecution if they reveal it to others evidently.) The Daily Mail published an article about the amount milked from the public calling the DVLA, see DM.

As usual though they fail to even mention the real foundation of it all - that it is call queuing which makes the biggest slice of all this money, not actually the time taken in the conversation about the issue! Until there is more focus on this and the realisation that this is what makes the abuse so attractive to scamming organisations, and is why Ofcom will not act properly to stop the scamming so that their cronies can continue, then there is little hope of the abuses ending. Ofcom have already paved the way for the abuses to continue, but at an even higher cost per minute than with 0870, by moving to 0871 numbers.

Although supposedly ICSTIS are taking over some part of the responsibility for control of 0871 numbers, as at last being admitted as Premium numbers, call queuing is prohibited with Premium numbers, so how can call queuing continue to be allowed with 0871 numbers, now that they are admitted to be Premium numbers? This is the root of it all, and it is still not entirely clear that all Premium use of 0870 will be prohibited when revenue sharing with the terminating subscriber is ended. It will probably be possible for revenue sharing to continue with a dummy terminating subscriber registered, as continues to be done with 070 PNS numbers, but provided that a call cost announcement precedes the commencement of call charging for the 0870?
Ofcom are ineffectual
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PostPosted: Tue Dec 24, 2013 5:34 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

There is a big inaccuracy in this report: There is NO legal obligation to update the photo on your driving licence. It is a DVLA dreamed up " rule", but there is no legal basis to it. You licence lasts legally up until the expiry date shown on it.

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