Archive for Discussion of UK telephone network abuses and scams, which are much increasing

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UK telephone abuses and scams
General NGN abuses & scams
All NGN tricks, use of non-09 as Premium numbers with queuing and other scams such as Patientline with 070PNS and queuing
Mobiles & text message abuses & scams
0800 calls charged to both sender & receiver, Premium text message scams, PAYG disappearing balances etc.
Internet scams and Trojans
Dialler scams and all other Internet-based scams and abuses
Ofcom (telecoms functions only)
The continued failure and dishonesty of Ofcom telecommunications senior staff relative to their primary legal duty; their plethora of consultations to avoid and parry; all other failures and action of Ofcom in telecoms
The continued failures of PhonepayPlus/ICSTIS to perform their legal duties, particularly where consumers are wrongly billed for scams
Do Otelo perform properly in their supposed role? What are their failures? What are their successes if any?
Lobbying MPs & MEPs
What contact has been made with MPs and MEPs to complain and lobby about the continued failures of Ofcom? What can be done to lobby
Other campaign action
What other ideas or possibilities are there to get Ofcom censured and to fight scams and abuses?
Latest scams and tricks
What new telecoms scams, abuses and tricks have emerged? Have any mutated or undergone transmogrification?
Best value telco providers
Which providers offer best value to UK consumers, and what new offers have been advertised?
Other general topics
Any other telecoms related issues which do not fit in the previous categories
Other UK non-telecommunications abuses
General abuses of democracy or rights
Are democracy and the rights of citizens and electors being abused or stolen in the UK by politicians?
Other scams and tricks
Insurance scams and tricks
Any dishonesty or tricks perpetrated by insurers
Domestic energy and water scams
Details of other domestic scams
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